Michael creates a new menu for each of our events depending on what's currently from the field or in the sea.                     Main dishes highlight only grains and vegetables, whereas side dishes often focus on meats, seafood                                      and sometimes just delicious vegetables too.

Menu from August 1st @ Fremont Brewing’s Black Heron Lounge

At this Pop-up we will just offer the following five small dishes.

each one will have two suggested pairings from the black heron barrel aged beer program

Homemade sourdough with pickles, summer vegetables, and  butter or beet hummus      8

Ground pork salad with celtuce, radish, scallion, green coriander oil, and speckled lettuce     11

Nash’s quinoa and sprouted triticale grain salad with blistered yellow wax beans, Chinese celery, summer squash, and  garlic scape-chili oil      10

Stuffed napa cabbage with lamb & beef, buckwheat groats, oven dried piennolo tomatoes, sour cream, and lovage    12

Barley and malted rye cake with roasted plum sauce, summer berries, and yogurt     8

Menu from July 21st @ La Medusa


Cherry Valley herby fromage blanc with Sea Wolf rye and fresh & pickled summer vegetables 8

main dishes

Nash’s quinoa and buckwheat groats with grilled napa cabbage, roasted summer squash, and pickle sauce 14

Sprouted farrotto with English peas, A choy, garlic scapes, walnuts, and mint 14

Black eyed pea fritters with piennolo tomato sauce, radish salad, preserved lemon, and yogurt 14

Sides - Fish, meat, & Vegetable

Gently-cooked Loki pink salmon with fennel & snap pea salad and green coriander oil 16

Grass-fed beef shoulder braised with cider and red plums 18

Grilled Chinese broccoli with anchovies 8

Salad of red & speckled lettuces with homemade red wine vinegar and crispy seeds 8


Barley cake with hazelnuts, roasted apricots, and whipped cream 7

Menu from June 27th @ Porkchop & Co.


Early summer vegetable crudité with butter, homemade bread, and sea salt 8

main dishes

Ricotta dumplings with snap peas, green daikon, pea vines, and mint 14

Crispy lentil-rice crêpe with kohlrabi, chickpeas, radish salad, herbs, pickles, and chilies 14

Buckwheat groats and sprouted spelt berries with hakurei turnips, Chinese broccoli, and spiced piennolo tomato sauce 14

Sides - Fish, meat, & Vegetable

Pork and chicken liver crépinette with red daikon salad and dill 15

Rockfish, salt cod, and clam stew with tomato oil and homemade bread 16

Green salad with homemade red wine vinegar and crispy seeds 8


Slow-cooked Khorasan wheat pudding with cream and roasted cherries 7

Menu for June 9th @ La Medusa


Radishes with butter, homemade bread, and sea salt 8

main dishes

Herby spaetzel with little turnips, spring kale, garlic scapes, and crème fraîche 14

Sprouted farro and buckwheat groats with asparagus, shaved daikon salad, and walnuts 14

Spiced red lentils with snap peas, Tokyo Bekana greens, chilies, mint, and yogurt 14

Sides - Fish, meat, & Vegetable

Lamb and beef meatballs with piennolo tomato sauce and pounded herbs 15

Puget Sound mussels with grilled spring onions, green garlic, wild fennel broth, and grilled bread 16

Spring salad with homemade red wine vinegar and crispy seeds 8


Skagit Valley strawberries with rhubarb syrup, Jersey cow cream, and buckwheat sablé 7