Michael creates a new menu for each of our events depending on what's currently from the field or in the sea.                     Main dishes highlight only grains and vegetables, whereas side dishes often focus on meats, seafood                                      and sometimes just delicious vegetables too.


Menu for May 23rd


Cherry Valley fromge blanc with homemade bread and assorted pantry pickles 8

Main dishes

Nash’s coarse-ground polenta with asparagus, kale, green garlic and pounded mint 14

Hand-rolled couscous with cinnamon cap mushrooms, roasted little turnips, burdock broth, and flatbread 14

Leek scape pancake with radishes, Tokyo Bekana greens, sesame, yogurt, and chili oil 14

Sides - Fish, meat, & Vegetable

Pasture pork slow-cooked in whey with wild fennel and oil preserved piennolo tomatoes 15

Baked line-caught salt cod brandade with stinging nettles and crostinis 16

Spring salad with homemade red wine vinegar and crispy seeds 8


Buckwheat shortcake with roasted rhubarb and whipped cream 7

Menu for April 28th


First of the season radishes with butter, homemade bread, and sea salt 8

Main dishes

Hand-rolled couscous with purple sprouting broccoli, coco bianco beans, yogurt, and piennolo tomato chili oil     14

Three grain porridge with wild nettles, grilled asparagus, spring salad, walnuts, and preserved Meyer lemon    14

 Pioppini mushroom ragout with fiddle head ferns, grilled ramps, potato confit, and homemade ricotta   14


Sides - Fish, meat, & Vegetable

Manila clam and big leaf maple blossom fritters with preserved lemon mayonnaise    16

Crispy-skin pork belly with pantry pickles and herb sauce     14

A bowl of spring turnips, with or without anchovies      9


Rhubarb upside-down cake